Welcome! I am so glad you found me and Powercore Pilates.

I am Francesca, a Certified Pilates Instructor and the founder of Powercore Pilates. I am also a proud mom to my two sons, an 18 and 20 year old, and dog mom to my greyhound, Lazy. I am a competitive runner and have completed numerous marathons, including the New York City Marathon. I love all styles of workouts, ranging from soulcycle to yoga to boxing. I practice Pilates, of course, whenever I can!  

My Pilates story

Fitness– specifically, Pilates–is my lifelong passion. I have worked in fitness for more than twelve years with clients overseas in Hong Kong as well as here in the States, including Boston, New York, Connecticut, Washington DC, and currently, where our studio is, Virginia. 

I began my Pilates journey after a shoulder injury, years ago. I knew I needed more than physical healing–I wanted a lifestyle change, so I could strengthen my body from the accident but also grow into a more empowered person. I found Pilates. I started studying the contemporary, West Coast Pilates style of Body Arts and Science International (BASI), a method favored by healthcare and fitness professionals. I completed the full apparatus training.

During a visit to New York a few years later, while attending a teacher training class with Master Teacher, Alicia Ungaro, I recognized a gap in my training and personal practice. I needed to learn the Classical Method, created by Joseph Pilates. How Joseph Pilates conceptualized, practiced, and taught Pilates was different than anything I experienced up to that point–  I spent the next summer in New York City, completing an Intensive Bridge Program at Power Pilates. 


I founded Powercore Pilates in 2010 for people who want to be the stronger, more resilient version of themselves. I prioritize correct alignment, based on anatomical knowledge, to strengthen my clients’ bodies. At Powercore Pilates, we see the body and mind as a pair. The magic of Pilates starts when you come to class, knowing when you strengthen your mind, you strengthen your capacity to build up your body, and vice versa. In our classes, everyone builds an environment where we learn and push ourselves together to be our maximum learner selves. 

What excites me most is when my clients see and feel results–whether those changes happen through gaining postural awareness or evolving their bodies into healthier vessels. 


“Sustainability” has become a catch phrase in the fitness industry, whether referring to a diet or an exercise regime. In my definition, sustainability means one thing: the conditions you put into place, so you have an opportunity to be happy. The “have an opportunity” part is important–I cannot promise our Pilates classes will make you happy any more than one particular thing (or person) can be guaranteed to fulfill your happiness. 

But, if you prioritize your wellbeing–fitness, eating, and personal outlook–you give yourself an opportunity to find a happiness that can be yours and shared with others. This is what believing our bodies and minds are linked looks like in action.

Attaining and preserving–in other words, living!–a happy, healthy life is what I call a lifelong sport. Pilates is the sport that can help you live a happy, healthy life.

Health and Fitness Certifications

I have a sharp eye for reading bodies and an expertise in tailoring exercises to the needs of an individual or a group. I love the range of clients I am lucky to work with–from athletes to those recovering from injuries to prenatal and postnatal women. My goal is always making my clients feel comfortable, challenged, and better, through our work together. I love the situation each client brings to me. Pilates is always the answer.

I regularly attend nationwide conferences and trainings to bring the most engaging, effective, and thoughtful Pilates practice into our classes. Currently, I am pursuing certification in New York City as a Pilates Teacher Trainer.

My certifications to-date, including completed continuing education, are: 

NASM–Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
BASI–Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Course (completed with honors)
Power Pilates Comprehensive Apparatus Teacher
Schwinn Cycling Instructor Certificate

To add to my resume:

Teach Pilates a privates and small group apparatus classes and Personal Training

Teach Pilates Mat class as a credit for High School girls at Maderia School, Great Falls, VA