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I have been working out with Francesca for about 7 years. I continue to be amazed at the muscles I didn’t know I had! Francesca totally focuses on me, and my technique, and the better I get, the more exacting the instructions become. It is continuous improvement. The workouts vary according to my needs, and Francesca is creative in her pursuit of increasing my abilities. The variety of equipment is incredible, and Francesca always strives to increase her knowledge. If you value your body, Francesca is essential.
Peggy Surdyk
I have been training with Francesca for over five years. We alternate between Pilates and personal training (cardio/weights circuit). She is absolutely fabulous! Her workouts are always fun, but she also pushes you to train at your optimal level. She is highly knowledgable and always provides insightful tips on how to improve your form. Her studio has all the de rigueur Pilates equipment. She has a variety of equipment for personal training, such as TRX, ropes, free weights and kettle bells. She is continuously upgrading and expanding her fitness and Pilates equipment. What I love most, is that she always changes up the workouts so I never get bored. Since I’ve worked with Francesca, I have lost 10 pounds, strengthened my core, and toned my arms and legs. I highly recommend her!
Susanne Larsen
Francesca completely engages. She coaches me through each movement, demanding perfection, and praising it when I get it. Francesca has taught me the importance of being conscious of every muscle, controlling from my core, and constantly reaching for more. She never loses focus on me, noting when I’m not breathing right or losing my attention on a particular limb or muscle group. Francesca doesn’t just get my best, she inspires my best.
Michael Ballard
Francesca is knowledgeable about movement and correct form. In group classes she is attentive, aware of our limitations, and able to modify to our individual needs. She engages us and encourages positivity and improvements. Francesca keeps it interesting by always implementing new exercises.
Suchaya & Corwin

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We are located in Vienna, close to Tyson’s Corner.

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