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Morning Routine

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What is a morning routine? A morning routine can be a great way to start your day, and can be unique in how you do you!

-Increases productivity
-Reduces stress
-Centers you
-Starts your day off on the right foot

How to create your morning routine:

Set 3 Goals
I use my gratitude journal and write down the three most important goals for the day. This gives me something to focus on — and try to achieve throughout the day.

Express Gratitude
I have a simple practice: before I get out of bed in the morning, I think of 3 things I feel grateful for. Again, I use my gratitude journal and write down three things I am grateful for.

Get Moving
Get the blood flowing. We all know the benefits of exercise. This might be a run, hike, trip to the gym, pilates, yoga, or stretching. I take my dog, Lazy, for a walk in the woods every morning.

Meditation can seem challenging, but set a small goal say 3 minutes or 5 minutes… Downloading an app makes it easy. I use “Insight Timer”, which offers a community of teachers, followers and friends. Meditation helps keep you in the present, calm the mind — and remember, the brain is a muscle which needs to be exercised too!