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Ready to Sizzle Your Summer? The Pilates Mat Routine You Are Looking For

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Ready to Sizzle Your Summer?

The Pilates Mat Routine You Are Looking For

Pilates is an excellent choice year-round for low-impact, high-yield results body strengthening, sculpting, and toning. For those of you looking to step up your workout this summer, read on to discover the Pilates Mat exercises that target your abs, arms, legs, and glutes.


The basis of Pilates instruction focuses on developing your core strength. Working your abdominal muscles, or “abs,” is the fundamental way to build up your core. 

The Hundred

Start with The Hundred — it connects your abs to your breathing, which challenges the stability of your core. You will begin to feel a work-out in your abs, which will give you energy to go to number two…

The Roll Up 

This is a breathing exercise with spinal articulation. It strengthens the abs by focusing on spine alignment, which has the added benefit of increasing the general flexibility in your spine. 

Single Leg Stretch

The Single Leg Stretch is one in a five-part series of classic Pilates Mat exercises. This movement focuses on lengthening your legs, which challenges your abdominal stability.


Developing your arm strength is an important part of the Pilates Mat routine. As you build your core strength, the added stability that comes from supporting your arms will help your overall body balance and sculpt your upper frame.


The Corkscrew challenges your upper body stability by asking you to hug yourself! 

Really — take your arms and hug your midline. Besides giving yourself self-loving, the Corkscrew strengthens your neck and shoulders. 


You knew these were coming… The push-up is the quintessential exercise to challenge your abdominal strength, which increases your body’s stability. 

Arm Circles 

Arm Circles engage the muscles in your arms, including biceps and triceps. This motion promotes toning as well as sculpting of your upper arms.


In Pilates Mat routines, you work out your major leg muscles, including thighs, hamstrings, and calves. After focusing on your core and arms, now is the time to turn your attention to your lower body. 

Single Leg Kicks 

Single Leg Kicks increase the strength of your hamstrings. They also support your pelvic stability and stretch your quadriceps. 

Shoulder Bridge 

Shoulder Bridge works on your hamstrings, too, by giving them a good stretch. The exercise also stretches and challenges the stability of your hips.

Double Leg Kicks 

Double Leg Kicks increase your spinal and hip extensions, while building strength inyour quadriceps and hamstrings.


Last but not least, your glutes are asking for some love. A Pilates Mat routine can help activate and strengthen the gluteal muscles, or “glutes.” 

Side Kick Series 

Side Kick Series strengthens your hips and glutes, while working to stabilize your side body and obliques.


Swimming works your complete backside, arms, and legs and also stabilizes your spine and pelvic region.

Jack Knife

The Jack Knife asks you bring your leg over your head, which works against the pull of gravity. The exercise also strengthens your glutes and arms.

A Pilates Mat workout focusing on your abs, arms, legs, and glutes is a solid self-care recipe to strengthen, sculpt, and tone your body. Start this summer and make sure you are adding these exercises to your workouts!