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Spring into Shape with Pilates: Discover the Top Benefits for the Season

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Hello Pilates Friends! As the spring season approaches, there is a rebirth of the season and a renewed sense of energy and motivation. We feel this sense of motivation in our bodies and workouts. This is the perfect time to start incorporating Pilates into your workout routine. Pilates is a core workout that strengthens, stretches, stabilizes, and increases stamina allowing you to feel more energized and focused throughout the day.

Spring into shape with Pilates– here are the ways  a Pilates Practice can increase your energy and motivation this spring season:
1. Improves the circulation: Pilates exercises focus on proper breathing techniques and controlled movements that can increase blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout the body. This can help reduce feelings of fatigue and increase energy levels. The exercise the Hundreds is at the first exercise in the mat order which works on breath and stability of your core. “Squeeze every atom of air from your lungs until they are almost as free of air as a vacuum. Then observe how automatically your lungs will completely refill with fresh air” -Joseph Pilates
2. Builds strength and endurance: Pilates involves a series of movements that target specific muscle groups, helping to build strength and endurance. When your muscles are stronger, you’ll have more energy to tackle daily tasks and activities. The Reformer short box series focuses on the movements of the core in multiple ranges of motion and builds muscle strength and stamina in your core to improve how you move in daily life.
3. Reduces stress: Pilates incorporates elements of mindfulness and relaxation techniques that can help reduce stress and anxiety. When you feel less stressed, you’ll have more mental energy and motivation to take on new challenges. Pilates exercises focus on mindful breath like the exercise the roll up which strengthens your breathing muscles and the stronger your breath the better you breath. “Above all, learn to breath correctly” -Joseph Pilates
4. Enhances focus and concentration: Pilates requires concentration and focus to perform the movements correctly. Over time, this can improve your ability to focus and concentrate on other tasks throughout the day. Practicing Mat Teasers requires focus and concentration, which feels so challenging and rewarding at the same time!
5. Boosts mood: Pilates can help release endorphins, which are the body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals. When you’re in a better mood, you’ll have more energy and motivation to tackle daily tasks. After a good sweaty Pilates workout, you feel accomplished, energized and happy! “‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Joseph Pilates

Incorporating a Pilates workout into your exercise routine can have a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Pilates can help increase your energy and motivation this spring season. So why not give it a try and see the benefits for yourself? Join a group class or sign up one on one for a private and Spring into stronger, more balance, energized body this Spring!

“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” Jospeh Pilates