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How to start a Regular Pilates Practice in 2023

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Hi Pilates friends,  Happy New Year! Hope you are having a great start to January. I find the new year is a perfect time to set goals and focus on your health and well-being. A regular Pilates practice is a good place to start.

I frequently get the question from new clients, interested people and friends, “Francesca, how do I start a regular Pilates practice?” “Where do I begin?” Starting something new can feel overwhelming as one may not know where to start. 

I have to say having a consistent Pilates practice can be a game changer for your health. A regular pilates practice will have multiple positive and lasting effects: strengthen your core—we all want that;  improve your posture—you will be taller; increase your flexibility — let’s bend over and touch your toes; and increase your mental focus—its is a mind body exercise after all..…

So how do you start? Here are simple steps to begin your Pilates practice in 2023!

Set a goal you want to obtain.  What is the problem you are trying to solve what is your end product? Determine why you want to start a Pilates practice and set a specific goal for yourself. If you are visual, write it down, this will help you stay motivated and on track to success!

Stay Local and do your research. Find a local studio and qualified instructor.  Look for a Pilates Studio that is convenient to where you live. I recommend geographically close to where you live.  Choose your instructor wisely. Do your research, make sure the teacher is a fully comprehensive certified instructor.  Read any reviews and check areas of speciality. You should find an experienced, qualified teacher that you feel comfortable with. I recommend starting at a studio to really learn the method in person if you can. If you can’t go to a studio, you can find classes online which fit your schedule and skill level.

Be patient and open. Trust the process. You are learning new movements and technical exercises, as well as feeling muscles in your body you may have never felt before. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, but Pilates builds the core progressively. Pilates can be practiced by anyone, of any age and all fitness levels. Start as a beginner. Let go of expectations and be open to the journey. Start small and gradually progress the practice as you become more comfortable and experienced. 

Don’t give up! Be consistent. We all know consistency is key, especially when starting a new exercise routine. Aim to practice Pilates at least 1-2 times per week. Don’t let too much time pass between sessions so you don’t forget the exercise and muscle memory will be more effective. More practice better results. Remember Joseph Pilates said: “ In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body”

Practice every day! Incorporate Pilates into your daily life. Pilates focuses of core engagement—“deepening your abdominal in and up” can be done anytime, anywhere, any way—standing, seated, and ying down.

Just remember to enjoy the process. Starting a regular Pilates practice is not about perfection of the exercises and your body, but about progress—getting stronger, more flexible and balanced. Enjoy your Pilates practice and stay motivated!