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What is a Pilates Class?

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Pilates is a workout that strengthens your core. A good Pilates class will be based on these fundamental principles:

Centering — Bringing the focus to the center of your body, initiating movement from a stable foundation, which can teach you how to use your core muscles in every movement, from a squat to sitting in a car.

Concentration — Bringing full attention to each exercise and learning how to engage your muscles properly in uber -quality focus.

Control — Performing a movement and exercise with control and fluidity, which can teach you how to move more gracefully and efficiently.

Precision — Having self-awareness of the detail of every movement and knowing the alignment of one body part relative to other body parts and how your body is moving through space.

Breath — Breathing properly and to full lung capacity. Using the breath to efficiently move in your exercises and movement.

Pilates classes will strengthen your core, improve your posture, increase flexibility and circulation and tone your arms and legs!

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